New Project for Lanna Airpark

(design by "tropo-design")

This house will located just to the north of the runway. The house is facing north and south and is designed, as the clients requested, using the proportions of the Golden Rectangle. The design uses the Fibonacci spiral, both as being the basis for the house plan and elevations and the design rule for the garden. The main entrance, both for vehicles and people is from the road and taxiway to the west. However, though the aircraft hangar’s position is part of the design, it is possible to build the hangar at a later date. Both their plane and cars will use the hangar.

The house is entered by a raised pathway placed on an axis running through the building. It passes first through a curved garden wall with a wide opening, then a courtyard and from there into the entrance hall of the house adjacent to the spiral staircase. The staircase is the hub of the building, it leads to both the bedrooms and the pilot’s study, which is situated at the highest point of the house like a watch-tower.

On the first floor are the open plan kitchen and dining room, which steps down onto the living area, all of which have views to both the North and South. As with all our projects, climatic considerations are of the utmost importance to us, so all the rooms of the house have natural cross-ventilation and are well shaded with overhanging roofs and protruding walls.


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