The Lanna Flying-Club

The Lanna Flying-Club is situated at Chiang Mai-Lanna Airport (VTCM), near Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

We are 20 km by road east of downtown Chiang Mai, in a beautiful landscape of rice fields, small villages and temples. In the near future, the airport will provide the full range of services for light aircraft, pilots and their families. We welcome visiting aircraft and are happy to assist you with all the information you might need. Fuel and Transport to / from downtown Chiang Mai are available on request, please call or e-mail for information.

Located at the airport is Lanna-Airpark, the first airpark in Thailand. For useful information about General Aviation in Thailand, other Flying Clubs and Friends on the WWW go to the Links page.

All visitors are welcome at Lanna Airfield (VTCM) but they are required to read the information about flight procedures, follow the "Regulations for Use" of Lanna Airport and accept the Waiver of Liability before landing at VTCM.

Thailand with it's beautiful scenery and it's well developed aviation infrastructure is a great place to fly. There are 38 large and small airports and many private airfields in some of the most beautiful areas of South East Asia. Air Traffic Control in Thailand (AeroThai) is very professional and helpful, which makes piloting safe, easy and fun.

(Move the mouse over the picture to see a map of Chiang Mai area and the location of the airport. Click to sea a larger version of the Chiang Mai map)

Chiang Mai Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand and called "The Rose of the North". It is situated in the triangle between Laos, China and Myanmar (Burma). The city invites you to see traditional Thai culture mixed with the colorful products made by hill tribe people, who live in the surrounding mountains. You can play many different sports (Golf, Trekking, Biking etc.), go for day-trips or take a stroll through the town. For more information on Chiang Mai go to "Links"


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